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Hello and welcome to nepalisonggeetchords.com . The website is about song’s lyrics and guitar chords.

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nepalisonggeetchords.com is for the everyone out there who is searching for song’s lyrics, Guitar chords and guitar tabs too. You can search the song by searching it in the search widget or else check the collection page. We make easy understanding of guitar chords where it is played at particular timing. Users will find it very easy so we hope you guys like us, and visit us for more updates.

We mainly focus on Nepali Songs of any genre which are likely to be played by guitar. The difference of the colors of guitar chords and the Lyrics part will definitely be easy for our users. We embed YouTube songs on particular page so that users can listen that song without going to YouTube app or visiting its website and can see our content, which will be a bonus part. You can see the images of Guitar tabs in the end of the page. You can download it or just view the image of Guitar tabs. We’ve collected different artist songs lists for you to learn and play, mostly new songs In brief, this website is specially for the beginners and intermediate guitar players or normal players too who can’t play but want to sing. We constantly add new song lyrics, chords and tabs. We would love to have your support and recommend us to make the site better and helpful.